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Plant Design and Operations: Welcome

March 3, 2015

Plant Design and Operations

Please visit the site for the latest information on Plant Design and Operations.

Welcome to our blog Plant Design and Operations. This blog is part of the The PSM Report group. The blogs are:

The posts here are based on the book Plant Design and Operations, published by Elsevier. Details to do with the book are provided here; the Table of Contents (.pdf format) is here; and purchasing information is here.

The posts that we have published so far are shown below, organized by chapters of the book.

Chapter 1 — Operations

Chapter 2 — Maintenance and Inspection

Chapter 3 — Energy Control Procedures

Chapter 4 — Occupational Safety

Chapter 5 — Chemicals

Chapter 6 — Personal Protective Equipment

Chapter 7 — Health and Industrial Hygiene

Chapter 8 — Human Factors and Ergonomics

Chapter 9 — Firefighting

Chapter 10 — Safety in Design

Chapter 11 — Siting and Layout

Chapter 12 — Equipment

Chapter 13 — Piping and Valves

Chapter 14 — Safety Instrumentation

Chapter 15 — Transportation

Chapter 16 — Security

Chapter 17 — Common Hazards

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