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Storage Tanks in the Process Industries

May 4, 2017

Storage tanks are widely used in the process industries to store liquids that are below their boiling point at atmospheric pressure and temperatures (some tanks may be insulated and they may have heating or cooling coils to adjust the temperature of the liquid that they are storing). Typically, the tank is either open to the atmosphere or to a system such as a flare or vent header that is at atmospheric pressure (this does not apply to floating roof tanks). Unlike pressure vessels, storage tanks cannot handle either high pressure or vacuum conditions.

We offer a video package to do with the design and operation of storage tanks. The package, which is priced at $31.50, includes:

  • A video (also available as a free YouTube download);
  • An ebook;
  • A set of checklist questions; and
  • A test

Further information to do with tanks is available here.

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